outlander 301 – the battle joined – thoughts on the episode, sam heughan, caitriona balfe, tobias menzies, and the book adaptation


NOTE: Spoilers ahead, so read no further if you haven’t seen the episode or read the book.  

Screencaps courtesy of Outlander Online.

NOTES on Episode:

The 18th Century bits of this episode are based on events from Chapter 1 from Voyager; the 20th Century parts were suggested by bits from both Voyager and Dragonfly in Amber.

Nothing like what happened between Claire and Frank actually happened in the books, we never saw much detail in what Claire remembers within her inner monologues about her time with Frank, or about the exact events surrounding Brianna’s birth. Although, her birth was noted in the book as being difficult when it wasn’t in the episode.

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outlander 205 – thoughts on untimely resurrection, tobias menzies, caitriona balfe, and sam heughan


NOTE: This review will spoil you rotten, for the books and this episode, so if you like to avoid those, you might want to read something else other than this.

Screencaps by Outlander-Online.

Written by Richard Kahan, he is a first time writer for the show, though he had previously acted on numerous TV shows and normally works as a writing assistant on this series. Directed by Douglas MacKinnon, who also directed the previous episode, La Dame Blanche, this episode was more successful than that one, though it still had problems.

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