Character Counts … A reflection on Outlander Episode 11

A lot of folks get pulled into the ‘Outlander is like ‘Game of Thrones’ mantra, like there isn’t anyway to really describe the show except to compare it to another series that is also a book adaptation when Outlander is, in fact, totally different than GoT.

The two series have almost nothing much in common. Okay, there are horses and sword fights and they’re both based on book series, but really that’s it. Claire’s integrity and her willingness to die doing the right thing is about as brave as anything anyone else has done on the show, then Geillis does the same thing 3 minutes later…

Geillis said in the episode that in Dougal she found a man that was her match, I think the inference in what happened later was that Claire really is Jamie’s match. They both are willing to die to do the right thing.

He risked his life several times, back in Reckoning and again in this last episode when he faced down a church full of anti-witch zealots all as heavily armed as he was (although, I doubt any of them could have beaten Jamie. Because you know, Jamie), because that was the right thing to do. Also, he risked losing her forever when he took her back to the stone circle, since that was also right thing to do. I think it is next to impossible for these characters to NOT do the right thing.

Jon Snow, Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth are some of the very few characters in GoT who might have personal integrity, usually that series kills off the heroes who risk their lives for principle’s sake like Eddard Stark, but they don’t really come close to the bravery and willing self-sacrifice like what Jamie and Claire Fraser have done….

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I was perusing Twitter on Saturday before watching Outlander episode 11 the Devil’s Mark when I came across a tweet from someone who had already watched the episode. Aside from being a little pissed that I hadn’t gotten to watch yet, I found the statement intriguing. The author said,

The tweet intrigued me and I re-tweeted it.  I felt my excitement to watch the episode heighten.  Had they really done it? Had they really shown Claire in all her wonderful nerve-wracken-ly principled glory?  I sure hoped so.

The episode was exciting and full of all kinds of wonderful, but per usual there was a theme that stood out for me. Character. In a real-world and TV world full of characters with ambiguous moral character, Outlander has the potential to be something different. Saturday night, I saw some of that potential realized. Our main characters had moral and ethical dilemmas that…

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