outlander 104 – 43 things I noticed watching the gathering

Outlander 104 – things I noticed watching the gathering

NOTE: I assume you’ve seen the episode at this point, so be aware there are spoilers in this…

Screencaps courtesy of Outlander-Online.

  1. Those are surprisingly remedial watchtowers in front of a castle…
  2. Caitriona doesn’t seem much like a runner.
  3. I wonder if Stephen Walters is like a ‘real Scot’ in what he wears under his kilt…
  4. So, Claire ‘lost’ her fichu and her hair ribbon, but how did she find the time to tie them to trees?
    • And how on earth did she elude detection of Angus and Rupert while she did that?
  5. Was it that easy back then to get a date, just walk over?
    • I think Angus was being a bit overly optimistic.
  6. The music choice is a bit weird…
  7. Claire really isn’t a good liar because it doesn’t seem that Geillis believes her husband is dead.
  8. It’s odd Geillis is being that honest about her relationship with her husband…
    • I wonder if she’s guessed Claire’s true nature at this point.
  9. Does Claire really think carrying a random basket of onions is a subtle way to search the kitchen for knives?
  10. Hah… I guess the woman who’d been stirring the ‘bowl’ has better taste than spending time with Angus.
    • (I’m totally a Rupert fan.)
  11. How the heck does Mrs. Fitz find dresses to fit the very tall Claire which look like they were made for her?
    • Love the costumes, but sometimes my willing suspension of disbelief is not so willing…
  12. Not sure how believable Diana Gabledon’s Scottish accent is.
    • Love her dress though…
  13. Glad Murtagh is translating, I’d be totally lost without that…
  14. Dougal is looking mighty fine in that frock coat.
  15. I love how Claire chugs that!
  16. Though I am surprised Angus didn’t see her spit the port out.
  17. Caitriona is very pretty in that dress, no matter how unbelievably Mrs. Fitz got one that fit Claire that well at a moment’s notice.
  18. Laoghaire always shows up just when you least expect it.
  19. Claire is not happy to see her…
  20. ‘There’s no place like love?’ is a bit lame…
  21. Nice, random clansman peeing in the hallway…
  22. I somehow doubt all of these guys have believable accents in speaking Gaelic…
  23. Graham McTavish has a spectacular beard.
  24. And they just have a random stool sitting in the hallway?
  25. Colum really needs to have a word with whoever is handling security if it’s this easy to slip out of the castle unnoticed.
  26. Sam’s hair looks really good in the stable scene…
    • And Caitriona’s really doesn’t…
  27. Jamie is so sweet, wanting to see her safe, taking her hand…
  28. He fights to protect her!
  29. And Jamie, after getting hit over the head, drops, but Sam looks like he just crouched down…

    • Odd someone didn’t notice that, or odd they knew that happened and used the take anyway…
  30. Sam’s hair looks really good in this scene.
  31. Uh Oh, Dougal isn’t happy to see Jamie!
  32. Duncan Lacroix really has a beautiful beard.
  33. Sam’s hair looks really bad in this scene, despite how well it looked earlier…
  34. I love this speech, Sam delivers it perfectly (frizzy hair, notwithstanding)
  35. The fog makes the woods very creepy…
  36. Wow, Dougal’s a very good shot.
  37. Unlike the English soldier in France in episode one, Geordie is believably bleeding to death, since he’s gasping for breath, is very pale, and is visibly weak…

    • Seems like someone learned something since 101, or got around to reading the books and how Diana clinically describes someone bleeding to death.
  38. Oops… I guess Claire’s ‘mare’ Brimstone isn’t a ‘she’ after all, but a ‘he’
  39. With how rough Shinty is as a game, it’s a wonder it became field hockey in the states and only women play it.
  40. I LOVE Claire’s bodice in this scene.
  41. She’s right to be a wee bit suspicious of Dougal’s motives.
  42. Even in the dim pre-dawn light, Jamie is always looking at Claire.
  43. I love that coat she’s wearing…

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