outlander 113 – the watch – 125 things I noticed

NOTE: this will spoil you rotten for the books and this specific episode, maybe even future ones, so proceed at your own risk if you read on…

Also, unladylike language ahead.


HQ Screencaps thanks to Outlander Online.

  1. Previews from previous episodes, that guy holding a gun on Jamie didn’t happen in the book.
  2. Is that a watch under the title card?
  3. Looks expensive…
  4. That guy holding the pistol on Jamie looks familiar. (Pauses show, looks him up on IMDB) Oh, he was in The Eagle.
  5. MacQuarrie’s officially an ass
  6. Go Jamie, don’t show him you’re scared
  7. Damn, Sam looks good in this light.
  8. Uh, oh… Claire’s going to piss off those guys
  9. Jenny knows MacQuarrie?
  10. That ass still has his pistol pointed at Jamie
  11. Oh, Jamie’s back to using MacTavish for a last name.
  12. Oops, I guess it wasn’t a good idea for Claire to talk since most Highland Scots don’t like the English in 1743
  13. Good cover, Jenny, ‘we don’t mind her Englishness so much.’ She really thinks on her feet.
  14. MacQuarrie seems charmed by Claire.
    • Who wouldn’t be? Cait looks really good in this light too.
  15. I love Claire’s dark blue bodice with that floral patterned stomacher…
  16. Steven Cree has a very nice smile, I love how friendly and good natured he plays Ian.
  17. Why did Ian get MacQuarrie’s sword sharpened?
    • I mean, wouldn’t a member of the Watch need it to protect himself while he’s extorting people? Did he have a spare weapon to use?
  18. Wow, look at how long it takes Jenny to get back to the kitchen.
    • I guess old Scottish farm houses are humongous stone rabbit warrens…
  19. Sam looks good in this light too.
  20. Well, so do Cait and Laura Donnelly
  21. Poor Jamie, so frustrated
  22. Yet another uncomfortable dinner at the Fraser’s
  23. Should Claire have volunteered that Jamie was in France with Ian?
    • The guy who plays MacQuarrie is really good at pretending he’s drunk, unless it’s not an act, then good onya, Douglas Henshall. I hope the whisky was tasty, you’re doing well with your lines while plastered
  24. Good, they’re rolling with it.
  25. Okay, this bit about them fighting with the French isn’t in the novel. (Found out later: this info is sorta from the novella ‘Virgins’ that Diana Gabaldon wrote for the “Dangerous Women” short story anthology – Downloaded the Kindle version after watching the episode the first time)
  26. Uh, oh. Maybe they were being too good at covering for Jamie, Ian had never mentioned ‘cousin Jamie’ before
  27. Ha! Brilliant. Jenny blames it on MacQuarrie being too drunk to remember. Completely believable since he’s pretty well toasted at this dinner party. More good covering by Jenny!
  28. Weird toast.
  29. Smooth move by Jamie… MacQuarrie doesn’t need to see a farrier; Jamie is good with horses and will happily see to the horse’s lame foot! That will get them out quicker.
  30. It looks so pretty there…
    • I wanna go to Scotland, even though I’d doubt I’d meet my soul mate there like Claire did. Pity, I could use one of those.
  31. The horse looks like he’s limping a little. How do you fake that? Can a horse be trained to limp on cue?
  32. Uh, oh. Didn’t Jamie remember what Claire said about keeping his head?  Insulting the guy probably isn’t a good idea…
  33. Rabbie McNabb (Jamie Kennedy) is adorable
  34. Ouch, I bet it hurts holding a horse’s hoof between bare legs!
  35. That ass is burning the hay! Why doesn’t Jamie see him do that?
  36. Oh, the horse is blocking his view
    • I wonder if the Outlander boot camp covered shoeing horses for Sam
  37. Nice, the Watch asses don’t lift a finger to help Jamie put out the fire that one started.
  38. You know, I don’t blame Jamie for losing his temper for this. He still has to pretend the house isn’t his and then they try to burn the place?
  39. Oops, I guess Jamie forgot they had pistols and he doesn’t
  40. Good, Jamie grabbed some sort of farm implement to use as a weapon! Looks like he’s going to need it.
  41. Sam is so good at fighting, and I liked the way he kicked that guy, no Marquess of Queensberry Rules here…
  42. Nothing like a little hand-to-hand combat to liven up a morning doing farm chores
  43. Is putting a gun to that guy’s head a good idea, Jamie?
  44. Oh, good. MacQuarrie wanders in, like how he completely takes his time
  45. I agree with MacQuarrie, they need schooling on how to behave
  46. Ha! He is going to need luck to do anything with those guys
  47. Nice he acknowledges what a good fighter Jamie is
  48. You know, MacQuarrie is starting to grow on me
    • Of course that’s because he admires Jamie’s nimble use of improvised weaponry and his stellar hand-to-hand combat skills, as everyone should. Because, you know, #TeamJamie
  49. I’m glad Jamie turned down MacQuarrie’s offer… Not that he would go, as he said, since he’s settled down now
  50. Jamie needs to be better at pretending he’s just visiting, the way he called out to the dogs he sounded more like they were his…
  51. Horrocks? Holy Crap!
  52. Ah, they don’t want MacQuarrie to realize they know each other.
  53. But going by the suspicious look in his eye, it doesn’t look like MacQuarrie’s buying it.
  54. That little wink of Horrocks’ sorta worries me, like there’s another shoe waiting to drop
  55. Jamie doesn’t look happy talking to Claire, but maybe he’s right about going home being a mistake
  56. Not sure I’m as confident as Claire that things will work out
    • Although all that is pretty good use of dramatic irony: we know what they don’t about what will come (well, everyone who read the books, anyway)
  57. Aw, wee Jamie (Aaron Wright) is very cute, nice bit from the book with the laundry
  58. I’m glad Jenny mentioned that Ian’s dad told him his job was to guard Jamie’s weak side, wondered how they were going to get that in
  59. Caitriona looks awesome in that dress and in that light
  60. Not sure I’m completely buying Jenny going into labor…
  61. No way that’s a 9 month pregnant tummy, it’s too ‘squishy’ and not sticking out far enough…
    • Although, who knows how hard it would be to find a woman that close to giving birth when needed for that shot, they probably did their best
  62. Jenny doesn’t look uncomfortable enough there
  63. Maybe not a good idea to keep things from Ian, Jenny
  64. Oh, here’s Horrocks dropping that other shoe
  65. His hair (wig?) is a bit fuzzier here than I would have thought the way his hair looked when he wore his hat
  66. Of course Horrocks wants money
  67. I’m so happy they’re using so much dialogue from this part of the book, even though the bits with Horrocks, the Watch, and MacQuarrie are completely new.
  68. I liked this speech of Jenny’s from the book about how being pregnant feels, nice bonding moment for her and Claire
    • Though, I’m not sure I’d ever describe feeling a baby move to sex. Although, until the baby got too big close to the end, feeling a baby move inside you does feel good, like being massaged from the inside, but like sex? Nope.
  69. Oh, the midwife is otherwise occupied, that’s too bad for Jenny, but good for the show: gives Claire a chance to do more bonding with Jenny
  70. I like the brotherly bickering between Ian and Jamie
  71. Poor Ian, it must be very hard to deal with the pitying looks from other men
  72. Way to go Ian, wanting to protect Jenny and his family from Black Jack
    • It’s nice he brought that up, since we haven’t seen BJR in this episode, keeping him in mind
  73. It must be a Fraser trait to not tell things to loved ones that they might need to know… Bad idea to not talk to Jenny about this, Jamie.
  74. I love this scene between Claire and Jamie, both Caitriona and Sam showing off their acting skills.
  75. She’s SO. DAMN. GOOD.
  76. Jamie is just standing there while her heart is breaking, because his is too… aw…
  77. She’s a good crier; I don’t know how actors do that.
  78. Jamie looks devastated, man they’re both SO GOOD
  79. …he’s shattered, sitting there after Claire left, so sad
  80. Damn that Horrocks, pressuring Jamie for more money, although that’s probably not a surprise
  81. Uh, oh… things are getting tense
  82. Like the music here, the slow build up, almost didn’t notice the music at first
  83. Gasp! Sword!
  84. Oh, thank goodness Ian was there to stab that bastard in the back
    • Although, how did a man with a peg leg and a heavy limp sneak up on Horrocks like that
  85. It was a little weird how long his hand stayed up on his shoulder.
  86. Poor Ian! I guess it’s not as easy to kill someone in cold blood as it was to kill someone in battle
    • Steven Cree did a great job portraying Ian’s shock
  87. .. love that line from the novella: “Well, if you’re going to hell, I might as well go too. God knows, you’ll never manage alone.” Love Ian.
  88. Oh, here’s where they put in Willie’s snake ‘Sawny…’ Awesome.
  89. Nice guy, yelling at a woman in labor
  90. I loved that Ian pushed that guy out of his way
  91. Now, I like MacQuarrie even more, paying for the hay the other guy burned
  92. Jamie isn’t doing that good a job of covering for what happened with Horrocks
  93. Pish? Does MacQuarrie say ‘piss’ like that because he’s always ‘pished’ himself?
  94. Weird, why is MacQuarrie the only one eating breakfast… The early Scot gets served first?
  95. Having overnight to think about a better lie isn’t helping Jamie cover any more convincingly about the absent Horrocks
  96. Hah! So, MacQuarrie straight-up asks why Jamie killed him! That man likes to lay everything out
  97. Aw, Jamie takes the blame… He protects Ian, like a good brother would
  98. LOL! Love that MacQuarrie is actually glad that Horrocks is dead. That’s awesome.
    • He’s right, if ever a man needed killing, it was Horrocks
  99. I love MacQuarrie now, that’s probably not a good sign
    • if this were Star Trek, he’d probably be wearing a red shirt
  100. But since that leaves them a man short, just MacQuarrie’s luck to have a tall, strong Scot to make-up for the weasel Horrocks’ absence
    • So, this is why the episode description had Jamie and Ian join the watch, couldn’t ‘puzzle that out’ when I first read that description of the episode, now it makes sense
    • I’m glad Ian insisted on going too, he needs to protect his chief’s weak side, after all. I love Ian!
  101. .. Love how much they love each other, Ian and Jenny, and Claire and Jamie.
  102. I like the bonding between MacQuarrie and Jamie
  103. Oh, that was a watch… pretty cool.
  104. It’s understandable that Jamie’s tempted at help MacQuarrie with his plans
  105. What? MacQuarrie wouldn’t turn him in? It’s what Jamie’s been scared of for months! Wish someone would have told Jamie that before now!
    • That’s awesome, that means Ian wasn’t lying when he said MacQuarrie was a good man, but this is probably another indication that MacQuarrie may not make it out of this episode alive
  106. Ow, I had back labor with my first, and I COMPLETELY understand Jenny wanting to stop, and swearing at Claire. Hurts like hell,  all you want to do is go home and let someone else do it, I think I scared the nursing staff I yelled so loudly…
  107. I wonder if crawling around on the floor is really a good idea, though
  108. Wow, that really looks like that hurts… Okay, I’m buying Jenny is suffering for this bit.
  109. Love this bridge, wonder how they find all these locations. That’s gorgeous, so green there
  110. Uh oh, Jamie realizes too late just who is getting ambushed!
  111. Oh, taking the screen to the white smoke from the muskets, with the sounds playing over, essentially a ‘fade to white,’ was a nice way to transition out of that…
  112. My chest feels tight! What a horrible place to leave us!
    • If I feel like this after Horrocks’ betrayal of Jamie and the Watch, how will I feel when the Wentworth scenes come? Yikes
  113. The idyllic life on the farm is established yet again, which is a somewhat jarring juxtaposition with the violence from just moments before, only to have Claire sitting on the front stoop waiting for Jamie
  114. This hurts
  115. Really hurts
  116. Jamie is gone and Claire doesn’t know, yet she tries to put up a brave front for Jenny
  117. Oh, ‘wean’ is pronounced ‘wee-ann?’ Thought it rhymed with ‘lean’.
    • Gaelic word pronunciations are mystifying. You can’t depend on the spelling at all. (Well, I suppose you could if you actually could speak Gaelic.)
    • Is that a contraction of ‘wee one?’
  118. I like that there’s more bonding with Jenny and the introduction of Ellen’s boar tusk bracelets
  119. I guess Jenny isn’t the kissy/huggy type, nice that Laura played Jenny’s discomfort like that at Claire’s showing her affection
  120. Oh, no… here’s Ian
  121. Without Jamie!
  122. This hurts, bad.
  123. Poor Claire
  124. Poor Jamie!
  125. That last shot of Claire looking at the empty country road is heartbreaking, but worse is yet to come… **sniff**

This was an excellent episode, the addition of the Watch worked out extraordinarily well.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.  I hope my heart can stand it.


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