outlander 114 – the search – 108 things I noticed


I will save you, if you save me.

‘Take Me with You’ – VAST

NOTE: this will seriously spoil the episode and several of the books…

Screen Caps thanks to Outlander-Online

Animated Gif thanks to Starz Community Gif Wall.

  1. Cool puppets under the episode title. That looks like Claire on Craig Na Dun with who? Faeries? Will the marionettes be in the show? That’s an awesome set piece, Jon Gary Steele.
  2. Cute baby… Wait, this is three days after Jamie left? How old is that baby, doesn’t look like a newborn…
    • A good baby, though, sleeping through being toted all over the set.
  3. How many staff members does Lallybroch have? Seems like there are servants everywhere
  4. Awe, poor Ian… Looks like he’s banged up worse than I realized from what happened in the last episode and is in some pain.
  5. Why does he think he can protect Claire? He’s injured badly enough to have his arm in a sling…
  6. Funny that Claire needs to point out the obvious: Ian’s missing his wooden leg…
    • Not sure Ian can fashion a new one in time to accompany Claire, who looks about to leave.
  7. Good for Jenny, she tells him he’s not going anywhere. I like her take-charge attitude….
    • Although, why is she walking around in circles over and over?
  8. I guess the baby isn’t happy with all the walking…
  9. Well, a map would be helpful, thank you, Ian!
  10. Ha! Jenny’s packing heat! Look at those pistols hanging off of her belt…
    • Interesting, the metal one looks like the same one Jamie was going to shoot Horrocks with (before Ian ran him through with a sword) in the last episode
  11. I guess Claire’s not really thinking clearly, of course Jenny’s going with her. She doesn’t know how to track… D’uh.
    • Jenny is made from pretty tough stuff, gave birth a few days ago after a long and difficult delivery, she’s still going to go.
  12. Aw… Claire looks a bit overwhelmed. Another reason she needs Jenny to go along.
  13. She looks about to cry…
    • Of course, even on the verge of tears, Caitriona Balfe looks really good.
  14. Wow, that path through the forest is gorgeous!
    • I want to go to Scotland.
  15. Jenny’s tracking skills are already coming in handy.
  16. Vultures? Jenny’s probably got them on the right track then…
  17. More beautiful Scottish forest, didn’t realize Scotland was so green and gorgeous.
    • The Scottish Tourism folks are probably ecstatic about this show. Whatever tax incentives the show got to produce the show there are probably giving them ample return on the investment.
    • Not sure even Braveheart had such lovely images of the Scotland.
      • Well, apparently not mostly because a lot of that film was shot in Ireland.
  1. Oh, so many men just lying there…
  2. Oh, those birds were crows, not vultures, just big ones…
    • Do crows circle carrion like vultures?
  3. Wait, what? When did Ian say that the soldiers had a wagon?
    • Or was she referring him saying which direction they left in?
  4. Claire’s right, though: With Jamie’s large size, he probably would weigh down any wagon he was in.
  5. More beautiful scenery…
  6. Claire doesn’t get off that horse all that smoothly, not like Jenny did.
  7. Wow, seeing Jenny milking herself is a bit of a shock, but makes sense we’d see Jenny expressing the milk. It’s a bit of an important plot point in the book, underscores how dependent on Jenny the baby is.
  8. I agree with Jenny, that’s a pretty weak plan, Claire.
  9. Still warm horse dung? ..
    • I hope that isn’t real.
  10. Oh, good! MacQuarrie is alive! I loved him!
  11. Wow, they captured that guy pretty easily; I guess he’s not used to seeing random women lying around on the ground…
    • Oh, liked the overhead rotating shot.
  12. Yikes… Jenny is determined to get the information on Jamie no matter what!
  13. Ouch, not sure why that guy didn’t say what they wanted to know as soon as he saw that hot metal poker.
  14. Good thinking Claire! The dispatches might say more than this guy can!
  15. Why is she going to bandage his foot?
    • I’m surprised that Claire’s being a bit naïve, Jenny’s right: they can’t let the soldier live…
  16. Hah, Murtagh took care of business!
  17. Awesome, I’m glad he’s there! He can help with the search, in addition to hunting some supper and killing off any inconvenient witnesses.
  18. I’m glad Claire realized the man needed to die and isn’t a total naïf.
  19. That was a weird thing with the little sticks and rolling the wood into the fire, never seen that before. (Not that I’ve done much camping recently.)
    • Also, it is really believable Claire found all those little pieces of wood that were round enough, short enough, and straight enough to roll like that? I would think an axe or saw would need to be employed and there’s no sign they have one… It seems improbable.
  20. Aw… What a nice bonding moment by the fire with Jenny.
    • Though I’m sorry that Claire wasn’t a little more forthcoming to Jenny about her Uncle Lamb and her almost nomadic upbringing.
  21. I totally buy Jenny threatening to put those wee little beasties into the boys’ supper if she didn’t get her way. I love that. She doesn’t take no for an answer!
    • The awesomeness of Diana Gabaldon’s women characters is off-the-charts amazing. Few writers I’ve read have had such complex female characters.
    • Fewer make strong women that are likable, despite their flaws, so kudos to her, and kudos to the show for doing such a good job with these roles.
  22. You know, Jenny’s Scottish accent isn’t as strong in this episode, sounds sorta Irish in parts (maybe not surprising since Laura Donnelly is Irish…)
  23. I can sorta understand why Claire didn’t want to touch the goose, or whatever that bird was, but why wouldn’t Jenny? I would think she would have experience with plucking feathers…
  24. I like how they dealt with Claire’s ‘prophecy’ in the show; it was almost word-for-word from the book…
  25. I especially like how earnest Laura played Jenny, how certain she was that Claire would succeed in bringing Jamie home. Nice hug and kiss too.
  26. Ouch, that was one HUGE ASS splinter Claire pulled out of that guy’s hand!
  27. I would have thought that Murtagh would have done better with the sword dancing.
  28. Ha! I love how Claire gave the women she was telling her a fake fortune to offer some hope for the future. (You’ll have a long and happy life, but your husband won’t….) Awesome!
  29. Oh, there’s the marionette theatre.
  30. The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy? Seriously? LOL!
  31. Oh, loved the line from the book with Claire asking Murtagh to NOT quote the bible
    • Love her costume
    • Although wouldn’t the candle-light reflectors things have been better pointed upstage toward Claire, and not downstage, pointing toward the audience?
    • I’ve been stressed almost the entire episode until now, this is actually perfect.
    • Incongruous and anachronistic, but the bawdy Scottish lyrics paired with such a relatively innocent song from Claire’s time, with Caitriona’s entertaining singing and Duncan’s goofy sword dancing, turned out to be a perfect tension reliever.
  32. Now, with this daytime scene, that guy watching Murtagh is a bit worrisome…
  33. Murtagh’s plan seems a bit of a stretch, but his explanation to Claire makes sense.
    • Better to have Jamie find them, with him trying to hide.
  34. I like this lighter-toned music in the montage of Claire’s and Murtagh’s performances…
  35. Bear McCreary‘s music is terrific in this episode.
  36. Yet more beautiful scenes of the Scottish countryside they’re going through.
  37. Hah! Murtagh is dissing the sword dancer who is tons better than him.
  38. I thought this guy was a Gypsy, he sounds Irish… He actually sounds like he could be playing Jamie Dornan’s brother in ‘The Fall’
  39. Uh, oh, this singer is far better than Claire, singing the same song.
    • Different words, though…
  40. The gypsy is definitely Irish, and definitely sounds like Jamie Dornan.
  41. Claire shouldn’t believe a single word that guy says and she gives him all of the rents? Yikes
  42. Murtagh is probably right there, Claire. Yet knowing Jamie, it would be hard to think not all men are as honorable as her husband. #TeamJamie
  43. Ha! She pulled rank! Good job, Claire.
  44. The music over the second musical performance montage was more somber… A nice bridge to them running out of island to search.
  45. Loved the Americas comment, it’s a nice bit of foreshadowing for the later books/seasons (I hope they can keep going that far).
  46. Nice how they’re bickering like that, they’re both upset and angry and need to vent it somehow.
  47. Ouch, that’s harsh. Claire shouldn’t have snapped at him like that….
  48. Aw… I teared up during Murtagh’s explanation of how he lost Ellen MacKenzie.
  49. The revelation was perfect, let Claire know she’s not alone in her despair over Jamie.
  50. This is rough… It’s heartbreaking how distraught Claire is, Caitriona is awesome, so is Duncan.
    • I tear up every time I’ve seen that scene.
  51. Aw, now they’re treating each other nicer; they’ve come to an understanding with their mutual despair.
  52. Uh, oh. Mr. Ward, the-inexplicably-Irish gypsy, is back.
  53. Shocking absolutely no one, the Gypsy broke his word.
  54. Here comes Murtagh, awesome.
  55. He knows how to quiet a room.
  56. Ominously, Ward has a message for Claire, and wants to charge more money for it.
  57. Bastard.
  58. You go girl, don’t let him get away with that.
  59. Aw… he relented and gave her the message anyway.
  60. That deserves a kiss on the cheek.
  61. More beautiful countryside.
    • Man, I HAVE GOT to get to Scotland.
  62. Damn Dougal!
  63. Making her twist in the wind like that before telling her about Jamie.
  64. That ‘No, no, no, no, no…’ sounded like Colum.
  65. Love how reluctantly Murtagh let go of Claire.
  66. Oh, what a snake! Talking like Jamie is already dead…
  67. Offering to marry Claire?
  68. I love that Claire threw Geillis’s and her baby’s (apparent) death at the stake back into Dougal’s face.
    • Odd he doesn’t point out they aren’t dead (unless they’ve changed that from the book)
    • Can’t see how that could be since Roger is descended from that baby..
  69. Very smart of Claire figuring the reasons why Dougal told Jamie that his sister had a child by Black Jack after he’d raped her
    • That lie helped keep Jamie away from Lallybroch until Dougal could move to take over the Fraser lands he’d inherited from his father…
    • It’s probably telling that Dougal didn’t want to talk about Geillis or Lallybroch when he has a chance to speak after Claire’s rant.
  70. Man, I love how intense Graham McTavish is playing Dougal.
  71. Dougal rightfully points out that Black Jack won’t hesitate to come get her once he realizes that she’s alone and that Jamie would want her to do whatever it takes to keep that from happening.
  72. Graham plays Dougal as such a magnificent bastard. I love him in this episode.
  73. Oh, awesome way to take control of the conversation, Claire, changing tack to ask Dougal about how many men he has with him.
    • Hah! Then she insults him!
  74. This is awesome; I love how Caitriona played this too.
    • Her leaping around from topic to topic, perfectly playing Claire dueling Dougal with words as fiercely as Jamie would with a blade…
  75. The handshake at the end was perfect. It showed she could keep up with a man, and even earn his respect.
    • I think if any other woman had held out her hand to shake like a man would, Dougal probably would have laughed in her face.
  76. Caitriona Balfe was perfect in this scene.
  77. So was Graham McTavish.
  78. The writing was perfect too.
  80. I adore Claire’s typically English use of understatement here, ‘daunting’ hardly comes close to conveying the enormity of what she’s asking them to commit to.
  81. I am not sure I really liked Willy before, especially after he snitched on Dougal to Colum which got Jamie sent away, but I’ve got to like him for wanting to assist Jamie now.
    • It’s terrific that he’s a loyal member of #TeamJamie!
  82. Why does Angus always wave his right hand over his shoulder after crossing himself? It looks like he’s trying to shoo away a gnat, or is it evil he’s trying to shoo away?

    • Is this a Roman Catholic thing?
    • Or is this just a superstitious-Angus thing?
  83. Ha! I love it when Murtagh points out the obvious so dryly…  Getting Dougal’s men to help is the easy part.  He got that right.
    • Duncan Lacroix is awesome.
    • Love how he works the eyebrows.
  84. Why are they stopping? Do they see the prison?
  85. Holy crap!
  86. Wentworth is freakin’ huge!
  87. I don’t blame them for pausing to take in all of a prison that size…
  88. Hah, Willie swallowed, hard.
  89. Murtagh almost looked scared
  90. By the looks on their face, they all fully recognize that their task is truly more than a daunting one.
  91. Yikes…

You know, there was so much in this episode that wasn’t in the books, but Matt Roberts did such an awesome job with making these changes seem so organic (and the actors fully sold them) that I fully embrace this version of events.  Well done, Mathew, and everyone else.

Getting my cushions ready for Saturday morning at 12:01am… This next episode is going to be a rough one.

2 thoughts on “outlander 114 – the search – 108 things I noticed

  1. Lovely recap! I agree on almost all counts, especially 1: love the marionettes! 52: YES! Wonderful music, 55: they are probably “Irish Travelers” (also sometimes called gypsies) 99: it’s a superstitious Angus thing! Not part of a typical sign of the cross–I think it’s kind of a “get behind me satan” kinda motion.


    • Yeah, love those marionettes… I am not musical at all, even though I sing along (badly) to my spotify playlist. Music usually has to be remarkable for me to notice it. And I think I saw something about the Travelers before… That makes sense. Angus is a weird little man, he’s odd in the books too, so it makes sense that Stephen Walters tried to pick up some idiosyncrasies for him to play with.


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