My Pre-finale reflection…all indicators are…Outlander did it!

Well, I don’t agree on every point (I never thought their relationship was getting shortchanged in substantial way), but very well said.

My Outlander Blog!

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I woke this morning to yet another glowing, respectful and…insightful review of Outlander. And, it wasn’t just about the finale, the entire 1st season is being touted as the most brave and honest show on TV.  I have had nothing to do with anything other than being along for the ride from the day Diana announced the series was a go and yet, I’m as proud as a parent of a particularly bright child!  I am proud to be a fan of Diana Gabaldon’s wonderfully detailed books that are grounded in truths about life, relationships and the nature of love and now I’m a proud fan of a TV show that wasn’t afraid to do the same.

I know there continues to be some concern from some book fans that Jamie and Claire’s relationship got short changed in this adaptation process.  I’ll be the first to admit, I had my…

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