You Don’t Have to Choose #Outlander

This is exactly how I feel. Well said.

The Word Peddler

After getting Jamie and Claire safely on the ship to France, I purposefully avoided social media for a few days.  I wanted to let the hoopla die down.  I didn’t want to hear the inevitable bitchfest that would most certainly ensue.  Of course, people are entitled to their own opinions, I don’t mean that.  I just was not up for all of the comparisons ad nauseam.  I wasn’t ready to face all of the They Should Haves and How Could Theys and But They Left Outs. 

Diana Gabaldon encouraged readers to “Put Down the Book”…I really wish more readers had heeded her words.  Because, let’s face it, the woman’s a smart cookie.


Of course a book and a televisions series are entirely different mediums.  Television shows are restricted by budgets, time constraints, and, well, more limitations that I am qualified to itemize.  Books are only confined by the…

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