The Pain & the Pathos….The Emmys

Awesome commentary.


Just another subtle choice that adds to the nuance of I sit here at my desk today, noticing that in 2 weeks the Emmy nominations will be announced and I will ultimately be disappointed. Now, I’m not trying to be pessimistic, I just know how these things turn out. It is hard to describe to people the strange roulette that seems to go on. The Academy seems to want to take risks, but then falls into an almost nostalgic coma. The only thing that seems to be able to wake them up is……I don’t really know. Shame? Their record would reflect that they will continue to nominate a show based on how much they used to like it. Then, when accused of being antiquated, they bite the bullet and surprise. In my nearly 12 years of working within the entertainment industry, I have witness some incredible things….I can’t even begin to tell you. This is why I have a lot…

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