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I used to write reviews for Smallville on the fansite KryptonSite.com, and did one on Spartacus’ first season, now I’m giving writing Outlander reviews a try… They will not be recaps, or at least not really, there are other folks that do that.

This may not be something I do regularly, or it perhaps it might.

We’ll see how it goes, but I do adore the show and will want to express it in some way…

— Cindy


2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hi Cindy, I am replying here as I read one of your posts on the Books and Writers Board and wanted to reply to that but am not a member and still undecided whether to join or not, but I do have a wordpress blog. The post I read with interest was that your ancesters were Dockerty. Just to say that the name can be spelled in so many ways. My grandmother was Susan Dougherty, born in Glasgow. My mother thought it was Docherty but when I started family research it appeared as Dogherty (this is how it is pronounced in Scotland with a soft ch sound) but it also appeared as Docharty, Docherty and even the same person recorded it differently. The family were originally from Ireland but so far I am not sure whether north or south. It was my grandmother’s grandfather who came to Scotland in about 1860 but was born in Ireland. His name on the 1861 census is George Docharty.

    I also wanted to say that I enjoy Outlander and have read all the books. I think they are doing a very good job with the show. I live quite close to Preston Mill where they filmed the scene at the mill. Didn’t know, otherwise I might have been there! Am looking forward to the next season.

    Best wishes from Scotland – Diana (my name also but I have had it longer!)


    • My relations were reportedly Scots-Irish, from an area in NW Ireland that is largely populated by Scot migrants pushed out of the country by some conflict, and there were many in the 16, 17th and 18th Centuries. From what I understand most of the Scots-Irish were protestant, but my Irish (reportedly Scots-Irish) ancestors were Catholic, so I’m not sure where the truth lies. Thank you for telling me your story. It’s very interesting, so maybe we’re distantly related? Best Wishes from Virginia – Cindy


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