outlander, the benefits of an arts education, and sam heughan

Outlander Title

I adore the show Outlander and I have just spent more money than is possibly wise going down to Williamsburg and enjoying communing with like-minded Outlander fans…

Folks might think that the entire endeavor is silly, but the power of the pull for your fandom (whatever that might be) can be very strong and hard to resist.  Despite living less than 60 miles away from Williamsburg, I wasn’t sure I was up for joining in when I first heard about the Gathering. This, even though it was a wonderful event that benefited a great cause.

There would be no profits for the presenters, any profits from the fees and raffles and such were meant to boost Outlander star Sam Heughan’s favorite charity, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland.  I’m really glad I changed my mind about going. I had a good time.

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smallville, spartacus, outlander, and writing as an intellectual exercise…

I used to do a lot of writing for myself, and to express my fandom in the way it seemed best suited to it: I wrote online reviews for the TV show Smallville on the fansite KryptonSite.comI did one for Spartacus’ first season, find that over here, written before star Andy Whitfield’s death.

I didn’t get paid and I got next to nothing material out of the bargain, but still I found it rewarding in many ways.

2013-10-17 01.41.01

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