outlander 303 – all debts paid – thoughts on the episode, sam heughan, caitriona balfe, tobias menzies, david berry, and the book adaptation

Version 3

NOTE: Spoilers ahead, so read no further if you haven’t seen the episode or read the book.  

Screencaps courtesy of Outlander Online. (Except for the title card, that’s mine.)

Terry Dresbach’s drawing of Claire’s graduation suit, courtesy of STARZ.

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outlander 205 – thoughts on untimely resurrection, tobias menzies, caitriona balfe, and sam heughan


NOTE: This review will spoil you rotten, for the books and this episode, so if you like to avoid those, you might want to read something else other than this.

Screencaps by Outlander-Online.

Written by Richard Kahan, he is a first time writer for the show, though he had previously acted on numerous TV shows and normally works as a writing assistant on this series. Directed by Douglas MacKinnon, who also directed the previous episode, La Dame Blanche, this episode was more successful than that one, though it still had problems.

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outlander 201 – thoughts about the episode, tobias menzies, caitriona balfe, and sam heughan


NOTE: There be spoilers ahead, if you haven’t read the book, or seen the episode, you might want to steer clear if you don’t want to be spoiled.  Otherwise, read on…

Most of the Screencaps thanks to Outlander-Online. Other artwork and photos from Starz.

I was completely spoiled before seeing this episode. Or as spoiled as I could be not having seen the episode, that is.

I had my own theory of how things would go with the start of the first episode of season two based on those spoilers, and how it did start was actually pretty close to how I thought, but no matter what the truth was going to be I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be how the book started.

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outlander 116 – to ransom a man’s soul – thoughts, feelings, and sam heughan


Screencaps by Outlander-Online. Other images owned by their respective copyright holders.  If I have used something you don’t want me to, please contact me about it.

NOTE: If you’re reading this, I assume (especially after this amount of time) that you’ve not only seen the episode, but have also read all of the books. If you haven’t done that and want to avoid spoilers, then reading this isn’t what you should be doing….

Oh, and keep in mind I use profanity in this, and actually I use some almost right away. You’ve been warned.

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